Julian mallin

Awesome food at a great price!!! The owner came out and shook my hand and thanked me for my business. Wow when does that ever happen anymore!!


Thanx for a good evening George! pleasure to meet you, the pizza was great and my wife loved your Pastrami sandwich.

Michael Anderson

George is a GREAT guy and owner, along with his family who works with him as well. MUST HAVES at George’s:

-St. George’s Reuben… seriously, I have never had a sandwhich this good
- Breakfast Pizza (only on Sundays at after 11am): you have never had a pizza like this…canadian bacon, crumbled sausage, seasoned crambled eggs, mushrooms, anndddd GRAAVVYYY that is BAKED into the cheese.

Anyways, GO HERE


Best Pizza, sandwiches and service in town. George is one of the best chef’s in town.

Mary and Todd

Thank you for the delicious pizza, friendly service, and affordable prices. St. George has become a legendary local spot of HB. If you haven’t been there yet, you are missing out!

Tom Peterson

Best pizza around!!!!!!!!

Judy Koeblitz

Hell-o George.
We had the opportunity to try your pizza since you had sent one with Cathy for us to try. It was really good, the crust, plenty of toppings, just everything. Thank You so very much,
Judy & Bob

Bryan Artunian-Tice

You are certainly missing out if you haven’t experienced St. George Pizza. Experience is clearly an understatement for this wholesome, family-owned and community oriented pizza parlor. It is MORE THAN and experience, it is arguably, a way of life. With the first bite you will soon be striving to incorporate this delectable pizza into your schedule to obtain your next fix. I am proud to be a customer and proud to have such a great business in our local area. Thank you St. George Pizza for your irresistible food and your welcoming atmosphere!

Bryan Artunian-Tice

Linda & Dave

We’ve been driving by for years, finally stopped in. So glad we did! It was not just pizza, it was an experience. Met the owner/chef, saw the kitchen, chatted with everyone, even other customers. It’s our new favorite pizza place. We took home a menu so we can say “Next time lets try…”

Josh T

I cant wait for my pizza to show up….. Im getting the Wednesday 16in pepperoni special. This place rocks ! They never disappoint me with the quality of the ingredients. Plus St George himself makes these pies and you can tell when your food is made like when your a home and family is cooking for you . It just feels right !

Always full and thankful

Tim S

I have eaten over 30 times, Ok Yelp only shows me Checking in 24 times. I have never been disappointed. Everything is made fresh! From the Pizza to the Meatball Subs,they all hit the mark! Thanks for the delicious Lunch option that kicks Fast foods….well you know!

Big Mike

Stopped by yesterday, had a bite and said hello to George. So far, it’s the only pizza place that reminds me of back home in Queens, Ny. Fresh ingrediants make the difference, unlike the frozen pizza dough and canned toppings that most places in California serve. The bbq beef sandwhich was great. George, you reminded me of the saturday nights in Flushing, sitting out front eating a slice or two with the boys. Im a future regular customer and will drive from Corona for a large pie. Keep up the good work.


This place is hard to find the location is not a busy beach street. But this is an amazing place amazing food and very sweet and generous employees. The chef who i think is the owner is amazing he is very hospitable to his customers and he like to talk and see how the meal was. I just moved right next door and i have recommended this place to many of my friends and co-workers, also i have been my self 5 times and just ordered some delivery now. The pricing is so much better than Pizza Hut and Domino’s and the quality of the food it excellent. They should be nominated to be in the Oc Weekly magazine. It is one of those restaurants that are hidden but when you find it, it is a treasure you will love. There food is fresh everyday and the pizza is amazing and not too much dough like other places. There sauces are homemade and fantastic, they do not over charge or charge you more for substitutions or extra sauce. I am one of those people who go to places with amazing reviews and this place has amazing reviews. I am so happy i found this place…. 🙂


Have ordered from St George many many times: especially love the pineapple cashew pizza. Everything I’ve ordered has been really really good. The prices are reasonable, and the food is plentiful. I’m so glad they are in the neighborhood. TRY it you’ll LOVE it


This place is a hidden gem! I am no pizza expert, but you can tell that they really make their dough fresh daily and have LOVE in their food. I always recommend this place to all of my friends!! Thanks St George for making pizza right!!!

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